About Me

Hi there, strangers! I’m Eliza, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. You will find me in my kitchen, drinking coffee, enjoying something sweet, often with warm spices, burning a candle, and either browsing on my laptop or lost in a good book on my Kindle. I’m a Mediterranean girl stranded in the UK for nearly a decade, and guess what? My Hogwarts letter got lost in the British fog!

In my early 30s and proudly wearing the INTJ badge.

What can you expect to find in my digital haven? Well, let me give you a sneak peek.

The Art of Baking and Savoring

I have a deep, passionate love affair with the world of baking. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen. And let’s be honest, the best part of baking is devouring the results! Join me on a journey of sweet and savory delights as I share my favorite recipes and culinary adventures.

A Whirlwind of Reviews

Currently, I love mystery, crime, and psychological thriller books. When it comes to TV series and movies, I enjoy a bit of everything. I’ll be sharing my favorites, and I hope you’ll exchange and introduce me to more along the way! Into the Woods I love my morning walks in the forest near my house. As I wander, I can’t resist stopping to capture the beauty around me in photos. I can’t wait to share these moments with you

A Safe Space for All

I want to take a moment to share a personal journey with you. I’ve been on a path of recovery from an eating disorder throughout my life. If you are on a similar journey, I want you to know that I see you, I hear you, and I stand with you, fellow stranger. Sending you a virtual hug. As I say this, I want to make it clear that the “D word” doesn’t belong in this blog, nor do we count calories here. This is a safe space, free from judgment or harmful discussions. I hope you find something here that resonates with you, whether it’s in the world of baking, entertainment, or simply sharing a cup of coffee or tea with me.

Many thanks for joining me on this journey,